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Comprehensive Marketing Solution
Designed to address current marketing weaknesses, Comprehensive Marketing Solution built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform augments the standard CRM solution to offer a brand new concept. It provides innovative ways to address and attract new customers and to strengthen business relations with your existing clients.  
Comprehensive Marketing Solution combines the CRM with tools provided by and The service is used to send out professional e-mail campaigns and bulletins to customers from the environment of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, while identifies website visitors.
CRM Integration to 
This module allows you to use the full functionality of your CRM product to work with contacts and business relations while taking advantage of connection to an external distribution architecture (, which provides fast, high-quality dispatching and subsequent evaluation of e-mail campaign results.
For each e-mailing or each contacted client, the CRM module tracks the following statistics:
  • Number of sent e-mails
  • Number of undelivered e-mails, plus reasons of failure
  • Number of opened e-mails
  • Number of clicks from within received text
  • Number of unsubscribed contacts
The following additional overviews are available from your web account at
  • Tracking of clicks for each link (with optional connection to Google Analytics)
  • Reasons for unsubscribing (user-defined form)
  • Campaign evaluation over time
  • Full history of behaviour for each recipient
CRM Integration to allows you to acquire new customers from among your website visitors, using a simple and effective method. It can pinpoint the companies whose employees visited your website, even if they did not log in or click any link. The system recognises what particular web content they found attractive, generating a report with the full company profile of the business on whose behalf they visited your website.
CRM Integration to may also provide information on activities of your competitors. With our website visit rate report, you will know how much time your competitors spent browsing what content. You can also stop wasting your resources on blacklisted companies – which use robots to visit your website.
You will have the information needed to assign tasks to salespersons based on product areas, so that only competent workers contact interested parties, presenting suitable offers for future negotiations.
Company executives may monitor the course of any business case and achievement of sales objectives by the company and by each salesperson. You may also analyse business case wins and losses and modify your existing business strategy accordingly.
Key Features  
  • Common database of customer information
  • Properly targeted marketing, easy preparation of target segments
  • Concurrent coordination of business and marketing events – all information on interested parties, leads, and case closing (WIN/LOST) clearly arranged in one place
  • Marketing as efficient sales support
  • Easy evaluation of success rate of your marketing activities
  • Creation, execution, and evaluation of your campaigns in one place
  • Quick drafting of e-mail contents (including template authoring)
  • Reliable execution of e-mailing using
  • Evaluation of e-mailing success rate – precise monitoring of distribution and hits of contacted clients based on overview of active clicks in message contents
  • Effective work with both financial and human resources
  • Identification of new parties interested in products and services
  • Feedback concerning website visitors’ interests and exact report with contacts, employee names, and other information
  • Building or expanding marketing lists for campaign purposes, both for acquisition and retention objectives
  • Efficient competition
Why choose Comprehensive Marketing Solution? 
  • Easy acquisition of new customers
  • Retaining and improved yield of existing customer base
  • Easier and improved segmentation and identification of market trends
  • Keeping full records of leads, including success rate analyses
  • Measurable results
  • Potential to address about 50 % of companies in the market
  • 300% increase of client inflow based on website visits
  • More effective marketing Information on origin of website visitors (coming from articles, banners, social networks..
  • Easily available analysis of campaign ROI
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