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Contact Centre Solution
Built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, this solution provides precise planning and evaluation of business activities
of individual customers and salespersons. Salespersons get more time to spend on their clients, which leads
to greater customer satisfaction and greater profits. Unify your client record-keeping tools to improve the quality
of your customer service.

The reasons for taking care of your existing customers are obvious – a customer who actually trusts his or her business partner and is satisfied with its services will recommend those services to others and will make purchases more readily. Proper customer relationship management and lasting good relations are therefore critical for future success.
Contact Centre Solution is built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. Thanks to that, it is readily adopted by users who use it to share information, including the history of communication between shops and repair shops.
Key Features  
  • Central database of client information with online access
  • Keeping records of contact with customers (calls, e-mails, letters, faxes...) in sales department
  • Monitoring phone calls (outgoing, incoming, complaints, queries)
  • CRM connected to telephony – direct integration of telephonic functions to CRM environment without switching between applications
  • Customer segmentation in call centre with defined support or response time priorities
  • Information on work performance of each operator
  • CRM connected to customer portal – customers may work with web portal: enter requests, check their progress, add comments, approve labour requirements, etc.
  • Information on customer feedback to measure customer satisfaction
Why choose Contact Centre Solution?  
  • Customers no longer leave for your competitors
  • Targeting and addressing the best customers
  • Improved productivity, cross-selling, and up-selling
  • Easy segmentation and identification of trends
  • Requirement history and categorisation
  • Measurable results (performance, response times, SLA performance)
  • Improved customer care, not just in call centres
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