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Integration to External Registers
The integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to external registers offers considerable comfort, providing additional information for all contract records without having to manually complete the forms, as well as monitoring of economic health of your company. The solution uses data from the best databases in the Czech Republic, thus improving the efficiency of marketing campaigns.
The Integration to External Registers solution provides connection to the following external systems:
  • ARES – The Administrative Register of Business Entities is an information system providing search capabilities on economic entities registered in the Czech Republic.
  • CreditCheck – Data on all Czech companies from a majority of available sources (Insolvency Register, VZP Debtors, etc.) are constantly aggregated into a single database. When choosing our sources, we focus on data which can be used for Credit Risk Management.
  • Merk – Contains unique information on all business entities in the Czech Republic – business registration numbers, addresses, turnovers and headcounts for the last 10 years, phone numbers, websites, e-mail addresses, and more.
  • RÚIAN – Register or Territorial Identification, Addresses, and Real Estate is one of four essential registers of public administration.
Key Features  
  • Quick company lookup
  • Access to high-quality databases
  • Easy entry of high-quality information to CRM contact forms
  • Access to valid company information
  • Evaluation of partner, customer, and supplier solvency
Why choose Integration to External Registers? 
  • Comfortable use from CRM environment
  • Up-to-date data from the best database in the CR
  • Quick and easy company lookup  
  • Necessary company information added directly to CRM
  • Validation of existing data
  • Monitoring of business economic health through aggregation of information from 10 external sources
  • Solvency results shown using semaphore in customers’ records in the CRM system
  • Highlighting differences between information from Merk and ARES
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