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Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a comprehensive customer relationship management solution. It provides all the tools and features necessary to build and maintain a useful overview of customer information, from the first contact to sales, to subsequent client care.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to maintain customer information in a single location, plan activities concerning your customers, and support teamwork. Built on standardised, reliable technologies, this adaptable and affordable CRM system can evolve and grow along with your company.
Its features and capabilities allow you to better target new customers and provide care to the existing ones, offering them the right products and services at the right time. You can also use it to handle and escalate service cases.
An intuitive interface, wizard-based tools, and close integration to Microsoft Office applications allow Microsoft Dynamics CRM to adapt to the specific work style of your workers.
Key Features  
  • Comprehensive view of your customers
  • Proven user acceptance
  • Planning activities and maintaining customer contact
  • Quick adaptation to business changes; highly configurable solution
  • Faster solution delivery and ROI
  • Easy connection to other technologies
Why choose Microsoft Dnamics CRM? 
  • Simplified business processes are ensured through transformation of the handling of recurrent business tasks to an automated workflow, now working across multiple systems.
  • Doing business on global scale with full support for multiple languages, currencies, and time zones allows you to take full advantage of globalisation trends without losing touch with your customers.
  • Alignment of business and IT goals can be achieved with inbuilt system customisation tools and an extensible data model for building of solutions friendly to business and people alike.
  • Measuring the success rate of your business processes with powerful analytical tools, which can be used by executives to monitor customer activity and improve decision-making.
  • A role-based user interface provides access to relevant customer information and analyses. Users may only access the information and features they need for their work, or information and features otherwise identified as available.
  • Customer information available from anywhere; with mobile and off-line access, you may use provided tools regardless of your current location.
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