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ServiceDesk represents a comprehensive solution for control and management of service requests submitted
by your existing customers. Built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform with an integrated web portal, ServiceDesk will help you improve the quality of care for your existing customers.
With ServiceDesk, customer communication consists of systematic steps. Information on each customer’s requests and behaviour is available and the requests can be handled directly. The product also provides an overview of employee work and an opportunity to improve provided services.
For executive and conflict-solving purposes, the system monitors all changes made to each request. There are
a number of executive reports for evaluation of employee work and customer satisfaction. 
Customers access the system using a customer portal. For each customer contact, portal access permissions and financial limits of orders can be defined. Customers use the web portal to enter their requests, check their progress, add comments, approve labour requirements, etc.
When a request is submitted, its record is stored in the CRM and assigned a specific owner – CRM user; this owner is notified of the new request by e-mail. If the owner cannot resolve the request, he or she assigns it to another user.
In this way, the system ensures that each request has a responsible user assigned at all times.
The system can be set up for queue processing, storing requests in a single location to be checked out by users. Reassignments can be performed in the system: when the primary user responsible for a request is unable to work on the request (because of illness, vacation, or work on other projects), their replacement can be appointed either permanently or temporarily.
Key Features  
  • Common records of customer contacts
  • Each customer can be easily granted specific purchase permissions
  • Administration and details of service request process; each new request is assigned its owner
  • Service contract (SLA) definition
  • List of customers’ comments and suggestions
  • Invoicing, integration to accounting system
  • Standard work in CRM environment, including work with comments and attachments, calculation of service prices, and changes to request states
Why choose ServiceDesk?
  • Improved care for existing customers
  • Detailed information on requests made by existing customers and their progress
  • Detailed information on work performance and workload of your employees
  • Reassignment capability allows another worker to work on a customer’s request in the absence of its primary owner
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