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Tourism Solution
Built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, this solution gives you control over effective work of your employees and improves your performance when selling tours, trips, and services. It provides travel agencies with a greater yield from marketing events and with flexible, real-time analyses.
With the Tourism Solution, worker fluctuation is no longer a risk, as any contact with customers is recorded in your CRM system and the CRM support will improve the quality of service provided by your complaints department.
Use of the CRM solution for business planning:
  • Sales Director can use an advanced CRM solution to draw up a business plan and analyse sales for the current season, identify trends using long-term data, and estimate future development of customers’ requirements.
  • Sales Director may segment customers and decide on suitable communication channels for marketing campaigns and suitable products for various customer segments.
Use of the CRM solution to handle client requirements and complaints:
  • Any complaint must be received and answered within 30 days, so it is necessary to use an advanced CRM solution to check customers’ history, as this knowledge affects the speed and quality of response to their complaints.
  • Complaints are handled using the ITQ codex, i.e. each claim is assigned significance and potential financial compensation based on its complaint category and customer history.
  • Responses to complaints use predefined templates, eliminating the need for manual entry of data on the customer, complaint, and its resolution.
Use of the CRM solution when communicating with customers in your shop:
  • In your shop, you have to identify whether this is the customer’s first contact with your travel agency or they have already purchased or booked your tour in the past.
  • If this is a new customer, you have to obtain as much relevant contact and personal information as possible.
  • If this is an existing customer, you have to review their history immediately to conduct the sales meeting properly (offering convenient tours and appropriate services).
  • You have to know whether or not this is a VIP customer who would require a special approach.
  • Flight tickets are sold and cars are hired abroad – salespersons may instantly communicate on such sales with product managers and line managers at your HQ.
Key Features  
  • Common administration of customer and traveller information with reduced administration costs
  • Easily available analyses
  • Relevant long-term sales planning thanks to gathered customer information
  • Business campaign management and evaluation tool
  • Complaint-handling system connected to booking system
  • Complaints department may flexibly respond to customers’ requirements based on available history of their behaviour
  • Detailed knowledge of customers’ behaviour, preferences, and areas of interest
Why choose Tourism Solution?
  • Increased sales of tours thanks to on-the-spot identification and qualification of customers
  • More accurate purchasing of accommodation and transport capacities based on information gleaned  from analyses of larger volumes of more detailed data
  • Improved utilisation of destinations and distribution of sales throughout the season based on customer categorisation
  • Greater yield of marketing events with more precise segmentation of addressed customers
  • Common administration of customer and traveller information at reduced cost
  • Flexible, real-time analyses – reduced total costs of analyses
  • Faster, simpler, and more accurate response to complaints
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